We are in the process of rolling out new reversible uniforms to teams to try on and ensure they are the correct size before the start of the upcoming Summer 2017 Season. No longer will our club need to wear bibs when going against similar colours or another KP Giants team. If happy with the sizing parents are allowed to take the uniforms once paid for, without the need to pay ongoing hire fees for all future seasons. Whilst I am aware it is an upfront cost, I believe it is a better option going forward to allow those that would like to have personalised names to keep them and for those that have outgrown their non personalised uniform in a few years time to resell it through an linked page that will be set up, on this site.

Parents with more than one child will be able to get a $10 discount on jersey and short sets for other siblings.

We are also rolling out credit card options for those who those who wish to use for clothing and the club will absorb the credit card fee.

We will continue to make the option to hire available, so there is no change to the normal process for those who wish to hire. (Except that the uniform will now be a new uniform and no longer be falling apart.)

Uniform (Jersey and Shorts)   $75

Sibling Uniform (per sibling)    $65

Hire (per season)                    $30

The uniform is a change in style from the t-shirt style and is designed to be tucked in in the same way as NBA jersey's are worn. I know not it's not everyone's preference, but it is in keeping with the goal to present a jersey that is a current NBA style and is keeping in line with this model. Feedback from players so far has been overwhelmingly positive, as it is a professional style, that preserves the history of our club and colours.




We have also designed an embroidered hoodie for those who wish to purchase for their children or themselves. A number of clubs currently have this option and ours is suitable for summer and winter wear, especially as players travel in uniform, this provides a warm up top that is similar in style to the new teal uniforms. The committee has decided to offer a $10 discount to any player who is purchasing a jersey if they wish to do so.

Hoodie (Adults or players who hire jerseys)   $40

Hoodie (Players who are purchasing a jersey)    $30