Who runs the club?

A volunteer group of parents and members interested in the well being and growth of the club are elected each year. People are welcome to join the general committee at anytime.

Who can join the club?

KP Giants welcome people of any age, male or female to join the club. No matter where you live you can be a Giant.

What are the age groups of teams?

KP Giants currently play in 4 different associations, Frankston District Basketball Association, Westernport Basketball Association, Mornington and the Chelsea Basketball Association. Players are allocated to age groups based on the year of their birth for their age level classification.

*Children are welcome to play for teams a year level higher than their current age allocation if they wish. (Depending on team availability)

After these age restrictions the competitions go into open age.

All of the above mentioned offer an open age and also a senior competition for players over 35 years of age as well as mixed gender basketball competitions.

I am new to the game. Can I join?

KP Giants pride itself on being a club that is open to anyone who wants to play basketball. Any level of ability a player has when he/she joins the club will be enhanced with the efforts of our dedicated coaches and support of their teammates.

How much does the club charge per game?

The club charges a fee per season depending on which age group you/your child are playing in. The structure & pay dates are provided at the start of each season & is based around the amount of games allocated to your age group (approx. $10 per game).  This fee is used to cover registration, court/umpire charges, training venue hire & funds towards trophies & presentation day.

What footwear do I need?

There are several options. There are basketball shoes which are designed for basketball wear.  Additionally, everyday runners (no black soles) and  cross-trainers are also considered appropriate footwear.  All people have different types of feet.  Therefore, different types of footwear will suit different people. It is important that if your child or you are uncomfortable with the type of footwear you are currently wearing to play in you seek advice from a qualified foot or footwear specialist.